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Atlas Travel Journal

Atlas Travel Journal

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The Atlas Travel Journal includes three interchangeable journal inserts so that you never need to buy another journal, just add the next chapter of your story. In every journal, Tribute Products includes three different styles of inserts: white blank for drawing, brown blank for scrapbooking, and white lined for writing.

And, to help travelers best capture their experiences and memories, Tribute Products invented the Atlas Project.  The Atlas Project includes a world travel map to document one's travels, a container to collect one's world of travels with small seashells and pebbles, and an international coin that carries our promise to celebrate our travelers' first adventure with their Atlas Travel Journal with them by us buying them a 'first round' of drinks or ice cream anywhere in the world!

World Map: 24" x 16"
Atlas Travel Journal: 8.5" x 4.5"

Maker: Tribute Products (Boston, MA)

Matthew invented the Atlas Collection to help travelers best capture the experiences and memories of their road traveled. He believes that momentos come from moments, not airport gift shops, and wants travelers’ moments to be in the mountains, beaches, concerts, restaurants, etc. And, when travelers have one of those moments that they’d like to hold on to forever, Matthew hopes they do just that by picking up a little piece of the world (i.e., seashell, pebble, etc.) from that part of the world to build their world of travels.

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