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54 Celsius

Taper Candlesticks (4 pack)

Taper Candlesticks (4 pack)

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These elegant candlesticks are 10" long and designed to fit a standard candlestick holder.  These come in a beautifully designed package and make an excellent gift.

Each candle has a burn time of approximately 8 hours.

Dimensions: 7/8'' (diameter) x 10'' (length)

This set includes 4 unscented candlesticks.

Maker: 54 Celsius (Boston, MA)

54Celsius innovates the classic candle, one unique design at a time. They embrace the bold and the strange, the mythical, the cosmic, and the timeless - all to create striking pieces that glow with play and delight. Using only top-quality ingredients, they ensure that every part of the burning process is clean and safe. That means recyclable or compostable packaging and intentional, traceable candle ingredients. They develop products in-house, collaborate with visionary product designers, and source from multiple generations of candlemakers to bring the inventive to your home. 

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