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2 Birds No Stones

Sensory Pond Bowls

Sensory Pond Bowls

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These sensory pond bowls are individually handmade by local Boston artist Maria McKnight.  Each one is a combined treasure of items collected in nature, often in Dorchester Park or other Boston green spaces.  Natural items include rocks, twigs, flowers, and more. 

All items are immersed in resin to create a beautiful, nature-inspired scene.  Holding or looking at one of these bowls is a peaceful sensory experience. 

Each bowl is unique and handmade with love.  These bowls are meant to inspire hope, relax the soul, and begin a journey of healing.

Dimensions: approximately 5-6'' wide.

Designs may vary, due to the handmade nature and process of creating each bowl.

Maker: 2 Birds No Stones (Boston, MA)

Maria McKnight grew up in Greater Boston. She attended Hampton and studies early childhood at Bunker Hill and Quincy College. She has a passion to share life experience, especially with families in crisis or underserved communities. Maria worked as an executive assistant for 21 years and shifted gears to focus on supporting urban neighborhoods. In 2018, she founded 2 Birds No Stones LLC, which is a play space that will offer family healing; fun, active, and creative playtime. Maria also works diligently serving at-risk families on a daily basis. She helps others through encouragement and information sharing of housing & emergency assistance. She strongly believes in commitment to community engagement and leaving a ‘legacy’. A member of Roxbury Innovation Center, Boston CWE, UJIMA Project; Dorchester Art Project, Creative Crafting and Udemy Art Therapy. She also participated in trainings for children’s health with Boston Basics, BOKS Reebok Foundation, Massachusetts EEC, Epiphany ELC and Life Is Good Foundation.

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