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Tanner Glass

Resin Flower Magnets (Set of 8)

Resin Flower Magnets (Set of 8)

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Resin flower magnets in assorted colors, sizes, and shapes.

Set of 8 unique flower magnets.  Each set is different; the photos show examples of what some sets look like.  This may not be the exact set that you receive.

Size of each flower ranges from 15mm-28mm.

Very strong rare earth magnets. 

Maker: Tanner Glass (Johnston, RI) 

Tanner Glass makes FUNctional objects for everyday life, including handblown glass bud vases, bottlestoppers, and magnets. They source vintage maps, atlases and sheet music, as well as handmade Japanese Chiyogami papers to create their popular magnets, keychains, ornaments and paperweights. 

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