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Ankhara by Luciana

Handmade Black and White Pillow

Handmade Black and White Pillow

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Handmade one-of-a-kind pillow, with black and white geometric pattern.  

Maker: Ankhara by Luciana (Boston, MA)

Luciana Daly runs the business Ankhara by Luciana Home Decor and Designs. Luciana is a 4th generation seamstress, designer, and textile artist from Boston. She spent over a decade in the interior design and architecture industry where her love for textiles combined with a passion for sustainable design. This led her to begin to creating decorative home decor and accessories from leftover materials from various work projects that were destined for the landfill. What started out as a side hustle of creating pillows and cushions for friends and family quickly grew into a booming business during the pandemic. 

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