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Lai Ceramics

Checkerboard Mug

Checkerboard Mug

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Handmade checkerboard mug. 

Size: approximately 12 oz

Dimensions: approximately 3.5" diameter, 4.5" tall. 

Maker: Lai Ceramics (Fitchburg, MA)

Lai Ceramics was created by Laiza Fuhrmann, a multimedia artist who fell in love with pottery after taking an elective beginners pottery class in 2018. She then got offered a job as the ceramics studio manager and teaching assistant for her last 3 years of university. This is when she was able to improve her craft and sell her work to fellow students and friends. This allowed her to save up extra cash to buy her own equipment after college. Upon graduating with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, Laiza moved back from Tennessee to Massachusetts and began setting up her studio to devote her time to her small business. Today, joined by her cats, Laiza works to create functional and fun-inspired works of
art that bring smiles to faces.

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