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BRIT Art Supply

BRIT Oil Sticks

BRIT Oil Sticks

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Works like a crayon, blends like oil paint! 

These oil pastels can be used to draw, sketch, and create. Works best on paper, but don't let that limit your imagination.

Locally made, produced in small batches and poured by hand in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Non toxic, vegan, and eco-friendly.

Easy clean up with water and elbow grease. For bigger messes, any multi-purpose cleaner and abrasive sponge will get rid of any oil stick residue.

Every pastel is unique and one of a kind, and shades will vary slightly between batches. 

Maker: Brit Art Supply (North Adams, MA)

Dimensions (of packaging): Approximately 8.5" wide, 6" long.

Brit Lutz is an Artist, Entrepreneur and Intersectional Feminist. She created and piloted the Feminist Tea Party; a series of artful conversations designed to empower women through art, collaboration, and communication. She designed an accessible, online minimalist workshop called “Creating More with Less” in which she describes the history of minimalism, elements of design, and knowledge about how to declutter living and working space. Her personal artwork incorporates elements of nature and feminist concepts. 

As an artist and North Adams native, she knows just how difficult sourcing high quality art materials can be. Traditional big box stores carry a lack luster selection of supplies, and specialty stores often have huge mark ups. Where is the balance? Where can visual artists, students, and art enthusiasts alike purchase quality materials, at an affordable price?  That's where she comes in. 

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