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The Journey Within

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

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The Journey Within's beard oil is the perfect lightweight, non-greasy, nourishing solution for beards of all lengths. Made with all natural ingredients, it is high-quality, customizable and consistently reliable. It glides on easily and won't leave behind residue buildup, leaving smooth, lustrous, and manageable beards while moisturizing and conditioning the skin.

Includes Castor, Almond, Grapeseed, Olive and Argan Oils. Each of these oils is well known to provide tremendous benefits to both hair & skin. It excels at maintaining existing beards and their underlying skin. The skin under the beard can become dry, itchy and flaky without proper care so this is the perfect solution. It is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin, avoiding clogging of the pores.

Size: 2 oz.


Maker: The Journey Within (Cambridge, MA)

The Journey Within provides handcrafted scented goods with the encouragement of self care and mental health among their customers. Take the time to relax your mind and allow yourself to take the journey within. 

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