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Nadeige Archin

Art Print - Honor Your Voice by Nadeige Archin

Art Print - Honor Your Voice by Nadeige Archin

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When you honor your voice, you honor yourself. Rebel against the part of you that says you can't. Do it anyway.

Museum-quality print on matte paper.

This print is 8 x 10 inches, and is unframed. We recommend purchasing the frame that we sell separately. 

Maker: Nadeige Archin (Boston, MA)

During the COVID shutdown, Nadeige was inspired to resume her art practice, after finding collages she had made in high school. She had wanted to go to art school when she was younger, but as she says, “Being a first-generation kid, however, you’ll learn there are only 3 professions your parent(s) support: physician, engineer, lawyer.” She ended up graduating college with a degree in Kinesiology and later attended nursing school, but when she found her old collages, joy filled her soul, and she realized that she was meant to follow a creative path. Her background in healthcare has always emphasized the desire to help others on their path towards better health for mind, body, and soul. In her work, you’ll find those bits and pieces that combine to spark joy and guidance.

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