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Todd Erickson

Untitled by Todd Erickson

Untitled by Todd Erickson

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About the Artist:

Todd Erickson was born in 1980 and has been creating for as long as he can remember in a wide range of modes and mediums -- creating two- and three-dimensional works that take form as the written word, mixed media sculpture, illustration, painting, stop-motion animation, and even puppetry. Predominantly self-taught, he opened Tuck Fawn Art in 2017, housed in the small studio space of Room 226 of the Stacy Adams Cultural Arts Building in Brockton, MA.

His current work is focused on challenging traditional concepts of poetry. In 2015, he completed a Master of Arts degree in Creative and Critical Thinking at the University of Massachusetts Boston, the synthesis of which resulted in his conceptualizing the idea of a “space poem.” Additionally, in the past several years, Todd has worked on mini paintings and sculptures using mixed media.

Todd was a high school English teacher for sixteen years prior to his current position as an administrator focusing on accelerated programs for students. He currently resides in Dorchester, MA, with his wife, Jennifer, and their two young children.

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