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Natural Hand-Rolled Incense

Natural Hand-Rolled Incense

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Looshi incense is handcrafted, sustainable, eco-conscious, and made according to a traditional Indian method, passed down through generations. The essential and fragrant oils are sourced sustainably from around the world to create the ultimate incense experience. Bark chips from aloeswood and sandalwood create a natural, woody fragrance layer. Rather than traditional charcoal, Looshi uses activated coconut shell, which retains the essential oil. Wild raw honey adds an aura of warmth and binds all the elements together.

This incense is available in 3 scents:

Calm is an ideal companion for cozy evenings while unwinding at the end of the day, or to lighten up the mood when your spirit needs a lift. If you need to relieve stress or improve sleep, Calm can help you de-stress and decompress.

Clarify is perfect for creating a soulful, intimate atmosphere. Use it any time you feel the need for a mental reset, or to ease yourself gently from one phase of the day into the next.  Refresh your senses and revitalize your mind with the soft aroma and gentle tones in Clarify. If you need a mental boost, the saffron notes in Clarify can help increase your attention span and learning ability.

Create is ideal for inspiring a rush of energy or a boost of creativity. It’s perfect when you need to set the mood for lively get-togethers or warm, intimate occasions.

Maker: Looshi (Boston, MA)

Looshi gives people the tools to redefine their spaces enables them to fully inhabit the present moment. The small rituals and routines that make up our daily lives are recast in a new light and experienced with all of the senses. Looshi incense provides an inspiring, empowering way for people to create moments that energize, soothe, and delight.

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