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Maker / Scholar

Boston Illustrated Map Print

Boston Illustrated Map Print

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A map of Boston that honors some of our favorite parts of Beantown with original illustrations by Maker / Scholar.

Can you spot all the landmarks here? More importantly, do you think the cannoli is from Mike’s or Modern?

8'' x 10'' risograph print. Each print comes with a white cardboard backing in a clear plastic sleeve.

Maker: Maker / Scholar (Boston, MA)

Maker / Scholar is over-the-top art made by a busy brain. Becca is a Boston-based artist designing unique greeting cards and gifts to celebrate the everyday. Maker / Scholar was born during her term at Harvard Business School where she used some markers and a lot of watercolor paper to stay sane throughout Zoom classes. Fun fact: a Baker Scholar is a student at HBS who graduates with top honors. A Maker / Scholar, on the other hand, is a student at HBS who graduates with a rekindled love for doodling and a Shopify account. 

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