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6:00 PM

9/25 - 10/16 - Intro to Botanical Watercolors (4 Week Series)

9/25 - 10/16 - Intro to Botanical Watercolors (4 Week Series)

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Wednesdays, 6-8 PM
September 25 - October 16

The Local Hand
1912B Dorchester Ave,
Boston, MA 02124

Embark on a colorful journey with our 4-week watercolor course, designed to transform beginners into the next level while having fun! This immersive 8-hour program is spread across weekly 2-hour sessions, each crafted to progressively build your skills, confidence and enjoy creativity.

Week 1 - Introduction to watercolor technique and supplies

Week one lays the foundation with an introduction to watercolor techniques, supplies, and the delicate art of painting realistic flowers and plants. Margareta, our experienced instructor, will guide you through understanding brushes, pigments, and paper types, ensuring you're well-equipped to begin your artistic adventure.

Week 2: Building Layers with Color

As the weeks unfold, you'll delve deeper into the craft. Week two focuses on mastering the layering process to bring lifelike botanical elements to your paper. Don't worry, if you think you are not a creative person and you can’t draw; pre-drawn templates are available to help you focus on painting. The intimate class (max. 8 people) setting guarantees personalized attention, allowing you to flourish under expert guidance.

Week 3: Composition

Week three is all about composition, encouraging you to blend your newfound skills with personal preferences to create unique, expressive works. We are going to work on a pre-drawn sketch first and then you can also experiment with your favorite flora, playing with colors and layouts to achieve stunning compositions that reflect your style. Again, there is always help and you don’t need to do anything alone, a teacher is always there to help you. 

Week 4: Watercolor memories -

In the final week, we will make a vision board, conserving memories, using watercolor techniques (as a convertible medium).  This session is not just about botanicals; you'll explore landscapes, architectural elements, and various textures, applying watercolor techniques to a range of subjects.

In this final class, we will embark on individual projects that require some preparatory work from the students before class. Each participant is expected to bring an idea of what they wish to paint, and the teacher will assist in integrating these projects. By the third session, everyone will receive a worksheet that aids in conceptualizing their ideas and understanding the fundamentals.

For example, if I want to paint a scene from my last trip to Italy—capturing the essence of summer, the Mediterranean atmosphere, the vibrant colors, the scent of flowers, the cuisine, and the people—I would gather inspiration from my photographs, Pinterest, and color collections to create a vision board. This process helps to consolidate various elements into a cohesive image. Once sketched, we will bring it to life with watercolors. This exercise not only preserves a cherished memory but is also an excellent way to gauge one’s ability to paint botanicals, a skill that can be easily adapted to other subjects. The goal is to incorporate ideas bravely and with the help provided by our teacher.


This isn't just a class; it's a pathway to discovering your creative voice through the vibrant world of watercolors. Learn to enjoy the journey, have fun, relax, let it go if needed, and give yourself some space to play! 

At the end of these 4 classes, you will have a strong base of knowledge on how watercolor works, you will be inspired to learn, and create more, make new art from your precious memories, and paint something for a gift, all while digging deeper into the enchanting medium of watercolor.


All workshop participants will receive 10% off any retail purchases made on the day of the classes.

Workshop tickets are non-refundable, because we purchase all supplies ahead of time based on headcount. Thank you for understanding.

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