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6:00 PM

5/15 - Clothes Mending 101

5/15 - Clothes Mending 101

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Wednesday, May 15, 2024
6 - 8 PM

The Local Hand
1912B Dorchester Ave,
Boston, MA 02124 

Bring Your Own Clothes to Repair! 

Knowing how to mend your own – or your kids' clothes is an important, useful skill. It's also an excellent tool in the fight against fast fashion. Your clothing will last longer, fit you better, and show off your own personal style.

If you're a total beginner and don't have any current sewing/mending projects, Lisa will teach you the basics of clothes mending, such as:

  • Replacing/sewing on buttons
  • Fixing holes with patches
  • Hemming pants or dresses
  • Adding basic embroidery or personal details to your clothes

Bring something that needs to be mended, such as a jacket with a missing button or a pair of jeans with a hole in them. We will provide all of the supplies necessary to get you started, and after this class you will be able to continue mending your clothes at home. 

If you have some sewing experience but are stuck on project, feel free to bring what you are working on and get some one-on-one instruction from Lisa!

The first hour will be for instruction + demo, and the remaining hour will be for individualized help, or just some quiet work time if you prefer.

No need to bring any sewing supplies  just the piece that you want to mend (if you have one)! 

Light refreshments will be provided.  This workshop is suitable for adults and teenagers.

About your Instructor: Lisa Graustein is a ceramicist, quilter and knitter living and working in Dorchester.  She loves to play with color, line, and shape in her forms. Primarily a wheel-based potter, Lisa has recently started exploring hand-building and what can be created when thrown and hand-built forms are combined.

Workshop tickets are non-refundable, because we purchase all supplies ahead of time based on headcount.  Thank you for understanding.

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